Swedish for "Smith" (colls) wrote in ao3vidders,
Swedish for "Smith"

A Vid Exchange?

*dusts off community*


I was wondering what the interest would be in a multi-fandom vid exchange. I've wanted one for so long that contains some of the larger fandoms that I thought it might be best just to run one! :D

P.S. My intention is to use the AO3 challenge feature within the Collections to do matches and such - perhaps encouraging more vidders to archive there (?). So having an AO3 account would be pretty important. With the recent activity there, getting new accounts might be difficult. Thoughts?

Looking at the calendar of events, and if there is enough interest in an exchange, I would expect our schedule to be something like this:

Fandom nominations: July 10th - July 20th
Vidder Sign-Ups: July 21st - July 31st
Vids due: September 30th

That should allow folks to get it out before festivids really gets going, no?

Some general notes/thoughts:

- Any fandom can be nominated, big or small. I might limit the number of fandoms someone can nominate to something like 10? IDK, I can't imagine working with the behemoth list that festivids does. ((OMG how do they do that?))
- Sign-ups might require at least one 'big' fandom, akin to the safety that festivids uses. Again, not sure. This would depend on what happens in fandom nominations.
- Opinions, thoughts and suggestions are all welcome!

Poll #1852583 Vid Exchange

Would you be interested in participating?

yes! I love exchanges
no, I don't have time but I'd love to see it happen
not interested, too many similar things already exist

- Selecting "yes!" in the poll does not obligate you to participate. I'm just trying to see if there's interest. :D

crossposted to [community profile] ao3vidders, there are polls on both sites. Please fill out either one (but not both).
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