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How to Post

How goes the vidding? Have you picked a song yet? Laid anything on your timeline? Pulled out any hair?

Posting Instructions

1) Upload your vid
Be sure to use a site(s) that won't reveal your identity (ie. using your own YouTube account will give away who you are). You may create an account or use one of two listed below. These are optional, but will allow an anonymous streaming version to be included in your AO3 work.

email login: ao3vidders@gmail.com
password: videxchange

email login: ao3vidders@gmail.com
password: videxchange

Currently, AO3 supports embed codes from: YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv, Ning, Dailymotion, Viddler, MetaCafe, 4shared, Vidders.net, Critical Commons, and Google.

Mediafire or Sendspace or similar service that provides download links are also great ideas.

2) Post your vid to the AO3 collection
Sign in to AO3. Navigate to the collections page for the exchange here.
Select 'Post To Collection'.

Fill out the form with any applicable warnings, fandom, characters, tags, etc. You need to give it a title, often vids are posted with "[vid] Title" or something indicating the work is a video (in addition to the tags), but as long as there is a title of some sort you are good.
It should prompt you to ask if the work you are posting is to fulfill your challenge assignment and all you need to do is select that.

When you get to the body of the 'work', you can post as much or as little detail as you'd like. My example contains a banner, which is not at all required I know several vidders use them. how the post below looks live

For more, you can find general instructions on AO3 for posting to a challenge and embedding a video on AO3

3) What happens next
Currently, the AO3 Vidders collection for this challenge is open, unmoderated, anonymous and unrevealed. For details on what that means, check this out.

Once all the vids are in - as close to September 30th as possible - the works will be marked 'revealed' and an announcement will be made both on LJ & DW so we can all bask in the awesomeness of the vids. This reveals only the vids, not the vidders.

After a week/10days or so, they will be made un-anonymous - revealing the vidders identities - and the works will then display the vidder's name. If you'd like, you may then edit your work to contain links to other embed streams such as your own YouTube or whatever you'd like. The hit counts, kudos and comments REMAIN INTACT. You are also free to crosspost at this point to LJ/DW or wherever you share your vids.

Questions? Comments? Please let me know. HAPPY VIDDING! :D
~crossposted to DW
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